2014 Award Winners


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Thomas M. Kraemer Memorial Education Grand Fund Award

Her Ya Vue, Metro North ABE

Shilo Yahya, Franklin Learning Center


Community Partnership Award

Kate Barrett, Saint Catherine's University, nominated by Rachel Johnson, MORE

Becky Booker, Spring Lake Park-Blaine-Mounds View Fire Department, nominated by Polina Huffman, Metro North ABE

Cary Weatherby, Companies to Classrooms, nominated by Mary Jo Bayliss, Metro South ABE


Community Partnership Award - Honorable Mention

Chandler Christian Reformed Church, nominated by Rosemari Kroll, Southwest ABE


1000 Hour Volunteer Service Award

Gail Anderson, West ABE

Dennis Buland, Metro North ABE

Tim Chmielewski, Central MN ABE

Pat Claycomb, Metro South ABE

Glen Hanggi, Metro North ABE

Janet Hanggi, Metro North ABE

Amy Hetland, Metro North ABE

Bonnie Lewis, Metro South ABE

Laura Louis, Metro North ABE

Randy Peterson, Southwest ABE-Worthington

Emily Pripas, Metro North ABE

Joan Schramm, Central MN ABE

Richard Wriskey, Metro North ABE


2000 Hour Volunteer Service Award

Gladys Biltonen, Metro North ABE

Judith Free, Metro North ABE

John Harnett, West ABE

Jack Harris, Franklin Learning Center

Ellen Hastings, Metro South ABE

Sandra Juntilla, Metro North ABE

Jennifer Oschwald, Central MN ABE

Morgan Weiss, Metro North ABE


3000 Hour Volunteer Service Award

Aggie Smitten, Central MN ABE


4000 Hour Volunteer Service Award

Phil Byrne, Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning


5000 Hour Volunteer Service Award

Robert Sorman, Metro North ABE

Keith Lindstam, Metro South ABE

Curt Cameron,  Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning

Clem Engen, Franklin Learning Center


19000 Hour Volunteer Service Award

Judy Halverson, Franklin Learning Center


Outstanding Volunteer Award

Coral Berge, Open Door Learning Center - Arlington Hills and Computer Skills

Marie King, Adult Academic Program

Giuliana Lozana, PACE

Al Maleson, Neighborhood House

Bruce Remak, Metro South ABE

Candace Thomas, Literacy Volunteers of Southwest Minnesota


Outstanding Volunteer Award - Honorable Mention

Anna Komor, Franklin Learning Center

Karin Lindberg, Metro North ABE

Cathy Lindsey, Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning

Danielle Morgan, International Education Center

Jim Tohal, Mankato ABE


Outstanding Learner Award

Lilia (Lupe) Elias Cuevas, PACE

Lucia Dominguez, Frankllin Learning Center

Adel Mohammed, Metro North ABE

Chung Hee No, Neighborhood House

Shilo Yahya, Franklin Learning Center


Outstanding Learner Award – Honorable Mention

Emire Ersahin, Metro North ABE

Chris Kleindl, SW Metro ABE

Jeanette Strom, Metro North ABE