Computer skills student Candy is grateful for our free programming! She wrote us a letter to tell us what it means to her:

Dear friends at the literacy council,
My name is Candy, and I am a 60-year-old displaced worker.
I was recently laid off from my job as a radiologic technologist after 20+ years of experience. Computers and software have never been my strength, but I know that these skills are so important to getting back into the workforce.
I am writing today to thank everyone at the Minnesota Literacy Council who has made the computer skills labs possible and to tell you how the one-to-one tutors in the lab have accelerated my training.
There are many unemployed workers like me who did not grow up with computers. In June 2013, I came to your computer lab for the first time and started at the beginning. For example, I learned how many times to click to open an item (previously I would click like crazy until it opened).
I’ve learned about email, word processing and online job hunts because of the kind and positive training from my tutors. At a time when stress is high due to a layoff, the positive reinforcement from these volunteers is a blessing. I would like to thank the volunteers at the computer lab who have opened doors to computer use for so many persons in need, like me.
I look forward to a time when I am back on my feet and can volunteer at the computer lab as a way to give back to others in our community.
Candy Brown