Erica always wanted to be a lawyer. But as a teenager, law school seemed further and further out of reach. First she moved out to escape problems at home. Then the unstable conditions forced her to drop out of school.

Fortunately for Erica, the Minnesota Literacy Council was in the right place at the right time when she wanted to get back on track. One day Erica was visiting her neighborhood library, and she asked the librarian about getting her GED. The librarian pointed her in the direction of Heather, the literacy council’s on-site coordinator.

Soon, Erica was enrolled in our volunteer-led GED preparation classes.

“You would have thought they were being paid. They explained things well and showed that they cared,” said Erica of her teachers. “The environment was friendly, and I enjoyed being around adults of all ages who were there and motivated to study.”

Erica went on to pass all five required tests – math, reading, writing, social studies and science – and she proudly attended her GED diploma ceremony in May. She is currently in college studying criminal justice.

“I still might decide to study law, but for right now, I like learning about all the different opportunities there are in this field.”