Share (v.) to participate in, enjoy or experience with others

GED students Lora and Travonda

Our mission is to share the power of learning. And whether it's from teacher to learner, learner to teacher or organization to organization, we see examples of this sharing every day. In our 2011 annual report, we highlighted three stories of sharing:

As one another's biggest cheerleaders, Lora and Travonda also keep their classmates motivated to pass their GED tests.

VISTA members Sean and Ellen turned a tiny room into a reading club and witnessed how literacy can tackle poverty.

With courage and pride, 50 learners - many of whom speak English as a second (or third or fourth) language -- stood in front of their peers to read their stories and poetry.

To read more about these stories and to learn six ways we were able to share the power of learning with even more Minnesotans last year, visit our annual report.