Journeys: An Anthology of Adult Student Writing

Journeys 2017: an anthology of adult student writing

The 2017 Journeys submission form is closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted a story this year!

Journeys is a book of stories. Some stories are a recounting of an event in a student’s life, some take the form of art, some even take the form of fiction. They offer the perspective of Minnesota adult literacy students enrolled in reading, English as a Second Language, GED, and basic skills classes across the state. These are students who are, like the rest of us, on a journey.


More and more studies suggest that culturally relevant texts are an important factor in a student’s engagement in learning.  Journeys provides a text of authentic learner stories for teachers to use in the classroom which will engage students more effectively than other texts, because Journeys values the contributions that adult students themselves have on adult education and the larger Minnesota community. 


If you are a fellow believer in the power of words, a teacher, tutor, or a supporter of literacy education, you will find yourself connecting to the pages of Journeys because one thing is certain: you are on your own journey. We all are. And knowing the stories of other travelers, of the struggles and victories they’ve had along the way, of their similarities and dissimilarities to our own, we become better able to navigate the world and our place in it.