Learner and Volunteer Outreach

Learning Center Outreach Plan
This Learning Center Outreach Plan Template can be used to map out the activities you'd like to do, or track the ones that have been completed, to raise awareness of your program in the community.
Outreach Internship 
An intern can offer valuable assistance with outreach activities and help potential learners and/or volunteers learn about your program. See the Sample Outreach Internship Description and additional ideas for Planning an Internship.
Learner Outreach Ideas
Check out this list of Learner Outreach Ideas, including locations, print materials and media/technology.
Customizable Learner Outreach Flyers
To allow for easy customization, flyers are available in Microsoft Word format in both color and black/white versions. Insert your program's logo and contact information at the bottom. The bullet points in the center of the page are included as examples only. Please modify them for your program. On the Extra Flags document, you'll see several text boxes, called "flags." These can be copied and pasted onto the main flyer as needed.
Volunteer Recruitment Resources
Professionally designed poster templates and other resources are available to help you recruit volunteers. Adult Basic Education programs and other members of the Minnesota Literacy Council's network of volunteer literacy programs are invited to post your volunteer recruitment message on the literacy council’s website.