Interview Preparation

Photo of two people practicing for the Citizenship interview

Sections of the Naturalization Interview

The Naturalization Interview can be broken down into roughly 7 different sections.  In addition to learning the core civics content areas, it is incredibly important for students to practice going through these aspects of the interview:

  1. Following Instructions, Truth Oath, Small Talk
  2. Personal Information Questions
  3. Morals and Ethics Questions
  4. Oath Requirements
  5. 100 Questions
  6. Reading
  7. Writing

Mock Interviews

An excellent strategy for practicing interview skills are doing mock interviews.  Visit our Mock Interviews page to get easy to use mock interview tools and watch several videos of mock interviews. 


Importance of focusing on English language acquisition

While there are a few exceptions, the majority of individuals are required to do the interview entirely in English.  Therefore, to successfully complete the naturalization process and pass their interview, applicants must demonstrate competency speaking, listening, reading and writing English.

Learners should be able to:

  • understand and respond to basic commands and questions
  • engage in conversation (make small talk)
  • discuss information on their N400 form
  • read civics questions
  • write dictated sentences

Naturalization reading and writing activities:


Cultural Competency

Preparing learners to interact in a culturally appropriate manner during their naturalization interview is very important. Teachers can help their learners prepare by discussing, modeling, and comparing appropriate and inappropriate behavior, so that learners are able to demonstrate culturally appropriate behavior, such as:

  • arriving promptly
  • keeping paperwork neat and orderly
  • making eye contact and smiling
  • shaking hands
  • appearing respectful in appearance, dress, and manner


Interview Preparation Resources: