Legal Resources for Citizenship


What assistance can I give a student with their application if I am not an immigration laywer?

As a Citizenship teacher, you may be asked by students for help with their N-400 applications.  However, it important that you do not overstep the bounds and perform "unauthorized practice of law."
Visit our Application Assistance Guidlines page for more information about how to navigate this sensitive situation.



Legal and application resources for citizenship

An important resource for immigrants and their citizenship teachers are individuals in the legal community. Becoming a U.S. citizen is not necessarily a complicated process, but legal questions often come up as students work on their N-400 applications.  Depending on where you live, pro-bono or low cost immigration attorneys are a good option for helping individuals with immigration process. 


Resources for staying informed about citizenship and immigration:

Citizenship News
The Web site of citizenship-preparation author and trainer Lynne Weintraub, provides regular updates on the latest news, information, and resources concerning citizenship education, immigration policies, the U.S. citizenship test, and the naturalization process.
The National Immigration Forum
A nonprofit organization that follows U.S. immigration policies and advocates for public policies that support immigrants and refugees.
The American Civil Liberties Union
A nonprofit organization that addresses issues of individual rights and liberties, with asection of its Web site devoted to immigration issues and immigrant rights.