Better Together - Strengthening Adult Learning Communities

Better Together 2017

Better Together, a gathering of colleagues from adult education, libraries and workforce development, focuses on how collaborative digital literacy efforts can increase communities' capacity to improve adult literacy and workforce outcomes for Minnesotans.

The day was split into two parts: 1) a learning strand highlighting resources that promote digital literacy and workforce skills, and 2) a Northstar strand giving participants the opportunity to provide input for the next level of the Northstar Digital Literacy Project.

Better Together 2017 was held in conjunction with the National Digital Inclusion Alliance's Net Inclusion Summit.  For information about the Summit, go to:

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Better Together 2016

Held in the spring of 2016, Better Together was a series of regional educational and networking meetings to establish or strengthen relationships and partnerships between libraries, adult education, and workforce organizations to deliver digital literacy programming.  Meetings were held in three locations around Minnesota.

With the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), there are new opportunities for libraries, adult education and workforce organizations to work together to improve adult literacy and workforce outcomes for Minnesotans.

Adult education organizations were invited to apply for grants of up to $5000 for projects that jumpstart a collaborative relationship that includes libraries and workforce organizations. By leveraging the unique affordances of each organization, we hope to strengthen community well-being. Projects involved all three organizations in activities that offer creative solutions to local needs.