Outstanding Learner Award Nomination Form

Criteria for Awards - Nominations Due March 8, 2019

  • Nominees must be learners who are currently active or who have been active at an Adult Basic Education (ABE) program within the past year.
  • Strong candidates are learners who have:
    • Made an impact on the adult literacy effort in a community or across Minnesota.
    • Contributed unique, innovative or creative perspectives to their programs.
    • Shown a commitment to the adult literacy community.
    • Demonstrated leadership abilities.
  • Nominees may have volunteered with a literacy program, however, this is not a requirement.
  • Former winners of the Outstanding Learner award are ineligible.
  • Please, if possible, tell us how to pronounce your nominee's name so we can get it right at the ceremony!
  • The more information we have about your nominee, the better chance they will get recognized with an award. If your nomination contains information that you DO NOT want to be shared during the awards ceremony, please let us know, and please be specific about any information that should remain private. 
  • Two Outstanding Learner Award recipients will be chosen to receive a $250 Lucille Fischer Award.  This award is offered to celebrate the memory and work of Lucille Fischer, who was a beloved Adult Basic Education (ABE) teacher and the first instructional supervisor for the St. Paul Public Schools ABE/GED program in 1970. Under Lucy's leadership, St. Paul became the first program in Minnesota to hold a GED graduation ceremony with caps and gowns. Lucy was also a founding member of the former professional organization, the Minnesota Association for Continuing Adult Education (MACAE). 


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    Please answer ALL of the following questions. Please note that the best nominations are those that include supporting evidence, example, and stories. Please be as thorough and specific as possible within the word count limits.