Audio Materials

There are many audio resources available on the Internet. These resources can be interwoven into your general classroom curriculum to enhance your daily lessons. Deciding how to use them is often very similar to choosing other print teaching materials.  Begin by determining what type of language skills and topic areas you want to teach. Then find audio lessons that can provide follow up reinforcement and practice for that skill or topic.

Using Audio to Support Reading Skills

California Distance Learning Project:  The CDLP is a reading website for intermediate and advanced level ABE students.  Readings are modified from news reports given by a Sacramento TV station.

Developing Listening Skills

English Listening Lesson Library Online:  This website is updated with new content regularly and has an extensive archive of listening topics.  Exercises are focused on "big picture" listening tasks supported with digital images.  There are exercises appropriate for high beginning to low advanced ESL.

Randalls Listening Lab:  This website has a range of short and long listening activities for beginning through advanced ESL learners.

News websites

Often news websites provide audio files and transcripts that can be used to teach a wide range of topics and skills.  Here are two designed specifically for English learners:
Voice of America: Special English section
BBC Learning English Homepage

Creating Your Own Audio

Using free software called Audacity (get if from, you can create your own audio recordings.  If you also download the LAME MP3 Encoder (get it here: you can export your audio files in the accessible MP3 format.  If you have access to a website, you can distribute your MP3 recordings to your learners online.  Using free MP3 players — like this one from Google: — you can make them play in the browser so no download is required to access them.

Here's an example: