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If you have been wanting to learn something new but your school blocks YouTube and there is no money in the budget to send you to TIES or the Science Museum, check out via  the Ramsey County Library. Along with their own great computer help programming, they are now offering access to high quality training videos accross 12 different topics.

Date: 09-Dec-2015

Time: 1:00-2:15 pm


Address: WEBINAR, GoToTraining,




Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition, from children and adults with ADHD to those suffering from PTSD to depression

One of the topics of discussion that came up during a recent tech meeting was the need for apps that don't exist for ABE students.  Sure there tons of apps that touch on subjects like spelling, grammar and math, but most are not really for adults.

We discussed the topic for about an hour and while we didn't come up with any easy answers ,we did come up with a few questions we  would need to answer before moving forward. 


Q) Who has time to develop and money to fund the project ? 


There are always new apps and software and we don't want them to get lost in the day to day shuffle so here is what we think are the BEST of REST from ISTE 2015.  ENJOY and as always feel free to leave comments for us.


Other Free Stuff

Teachers First – a free (and ad-free) teaching resource collection from the non-profit organization The Source for Learning, Teachers First provides curriculum, lesson plans, and ready-to-use classroom materials.

Another growing trend in education is the concept of Open Educational Resources (OER). We all know not to create the wheel but at times it seems there is no tire store around when you need it. Enter OER, groups are getting together to pool and share resources. Here are a few of our favorite.


We still need one more Tech Helper for Summer Institute! If you might be interested, check out the information below.

Tech Helper Duties:

Google for Educaton

Highlights from ISTE (Part 1)

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, our amazing Educational Technology Manager, just returned from International Society for Technology in Education conference and shared a great deal of the exciting and trending things happening in the world of education.

The big trends coming to education include: 

Summer Institute is coming soon but for those who just can't wait for the offical program, here is a list of the Tech Sessions that will be offered. For a list of the sessions currently scheduled check out the app we will be using this year (in its beta form).



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