Animoto allows you to upload a series of images, choose a music soundtrack, and then set their artificial intelligence loose on your content to mix a digital video for you. It's free, it's easy, and it's fun. But what's the educational application?
Web 2.0 Map
I'm working on a new interactive quiz that will help educators learn about the world of Web 2.0.
ESL Workshop
This week Hamline University hosted their 15th annual ESL Workshop for teachers who work with adult English learners. As usual, the turnout, presentations, and energy were great! Of all the conferences that I attend, this one always shines through as a real winner.
RealeBooks class
The Minnesota Literacy Council's annual Sharing the Power conference last Saturday was a resounding success!
I got a chance to speak with vocational, ABE/GED, and ESL teachers who work with offenders in the corrections system throughout the Midwest, and those conversations gave me a real insight into the special needs, challenges, and rewards of that particular line of adult education work.
RealeBooks are picture books that you can share by email (to read as e-books) or print to read the old-fashioned way. You upload your own pictures (from a digital camera, scanner, or Internet site) and write your own text. RealeBooks are a great tool for adult and family literacy educators.
...deserve discussion. I hope that this blog will be a place that discussion can take place.



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