For all my infatuation with 21st century technology, I believe that technology needs to serve people well, not just look flashy. What good is all our information technology if we can't consistently accomplish even basic tasks, such as turning off the lights in the morning?
Thanks to my ever-so-helpful husband for referring me to this interesting article from about how Senator McCain (presumed Republican presidential candidate) compares to other seniors in his Internet use (or lack thereof).
My blog wordle
The enigmatic title "wordsmith" popped up in my Google reader page today, and intrigued I popped in at Litearcies Cafe to see what they were blogging about. Turns out they were highlighting this fun little tool called Wordle that creates a word cloud from any text you enter.
Wikis are a great tool for committees of any kind that need to produce a collaborative work, and they could be used for teachers to collaborate on lesson planning.
Are there really that many different ways to blog? I was unconvinced until I viewed an excellent slide show called "The 25 Basic Styles of Blogging... and When to Use Each One."
Some schools have all sorts of issues with YouTube--mainly that it eats up bandwidth and contains inappropriate content--but are those issues holding teachers and students back from accessing a potentially powerful learning tool?
Animoto allows you to upload a series of images, choose a music soundtrack, and then set their artificial intelligence loose on your content to mix a digital video for you. It's free, it's easy, and it's fun. But what's the educational application?
Web 2.0 Map
I'm working on a new interactive quiz that will help educators learn about the world of Web 2.0.
ESL Workshop
This week Hamline University hosted their 15th annual ESL Workshop for teachers who work with adult English learners. As usual, the turnout, presentations, and energy were great! Of all the conferences that I attend, this one always shines through as a real winner.
RealeBooks class
The Minnesota Literacy Council's annual Sharing the Power conference last Saturday was a resounding success!



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