This activity provides practice in spelling clarification and requesting to borrow something.
If you were a fan of the Minneapolis ABE Online Activity List I'm sure you have discovered that it's gone! The content, however, has not disappeared forever. It is being reorganized and republished on a new site:
McDonald's meal
Susan, the nutritionist from the from the University of Minnesota Simply Good Eating program, returned to our class today, much to the delight of the learners. Students talked about how some of them had gained weight since coming to the U.S. and brainstormed why.
New Routes to Community Health is a program / project based in Wisconsin that is using immigrant-created media (video, podcasts, radio programs, etc.) to educate immigrant communities about health-related issues. Media projects include videos and audio programs that discuss issues as diverse as H1N1 flu, sexually transmitted diseases, childhood obesity, and mental illness & depression. All media projects can be accessed on their website at
After explaining some typical traditions surrounding Thanksgiving, learners listed what they were thankful for.
One thing that amazes me about the teacher I work with is her ability to seamlessly incorporate grammar into a contextualized writing lesson that draws from the experience of the students. Today we worked on questions starting with “Do you know how to” and “Would you like to.”
Poll Everywhere is a service that allows you to get feedback from your audience (as a presenter) or class (as a teacher) and represent that feedback as a graph LIVE as it comes in. You can display results in a web browser or in a PowerPoint slide.
Child with kite
Today learners wrote about things pertaining to their childhood. They seemed to enjoy this topic and became quite animated while sharing their answers.
Pop can
Today’s class period focused on healthy beverages and was led by Susan, from the University of Minnesota Simply Good Eating program. Learners were shocked to find out how much sugar was in beverages they regularly consumed.
As adult educators, I think we have a real opportunity to improve the success rate of older adult college students by strengthening their technology skills before they get to the point of feeling stigmatized.



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