They say that public speaking is one of the things people are most afraid of. For me it is heights. I do still go on scary amusement park rides but the thought of standing on a tiny rock on top of a moutain scares the begeezes out me. I also belive in our modern office culture one of the new things people dread, is the request to sponsor someone else's cause. Be it via Girl Scout Cookies or band trips, many people find asking to give to someone elses charity a bit discomforting. If this is you STOP reading right now.

This the season for sharing and showing love to others so as an update to my last post let it be known that the Hennepin County Library System also allows for access to and it's 3000+ business, technical and creative videos. In addition many libraries offer other online resources that can be useful to our students including language programs like Rosetta Stone and Transparent Language all for the price of a library card.



vegetable vocabulary cards

Picture cards are a valuable, fun and flexible teaching tool. The tutor tip a couple weeks ago explained how to make them. This week we’ll look at ideas for using them.  Many of the suggestions work with words cards as well as picture cards. Here are twenty ideas to get you started:

So how is this small image related Tech+ Literacy ?  Besides acknowledging the accomplishments of the last month, it is simply formated and perfect for posting on social media.


When your staff, students, donors and volunteers wonder how things are going and what have you been up to, this picture can answer all their questions and is easily shared and read. logo

If you have been wanting to learn something new but your school blocks YouTube and there is no money in the budget to send you to TIES or the Science Museum, check out via  the Ramsey County Library. Along with their own great computer help programming, they are now offering access to high quality training videos accross 12 different topics.

"When I start to feel overwhelmed with how much I have to get done in a given day, I change my perspective and think of how lucky I am to be given this opportunity to independently run a program. I remember that after my year of service is complete, it will take a while to climb my way up the nonprofit ladder and be given the freedom to make as many choices for a program as I have this year."

Date: 09-Dec-2015

Time: 1:00-2:15 pm


Address: WEBINAR, GoToTraining,




Purpose: Picture stories are a multi-level resource that is especially valuable for working with beginning language learners. They can be used to build vocabulary, conversation, reading and writing skills.

Prep Time: 10-30 minutes, depending on the number of sets needed and the number of activity variations to plan for

Materials: one set of 4 to 10 pictures per pair of students; pencils and notebooks


Mohamed Mohamed has been volunteering at Open Door Learning Center- Lake St. for quite some time. 1,212 hours to be exact. That is equal to 50.5 days of around the clock volunteering. Mohamed was originally a student at Open Door- Lake St. but gradually started volunteering while he attended class. After enrolling in college, Mohamed wanted to stay connected to Open Door so he began volunteering in the College and Career Preparation class.

job search picture story

Purpose: Picture cards and picture stories are great for both introducing and practicing vocabulary for beginning English learners and in multi-level classes. This tip explains how to create your own. Watch for future tips with ideas for using them.

Materials: presentation software (such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google slides, or similar), a printer, and scissors




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