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Purpose: to practice the meanings of vocabulary words

Prep Time: 0-20 minutes, depending on availability of the materials

Materials: sets of about 10 word cards—either with text or a picture on each card

Prep: gather the materials

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Have you ever been asked to pull a small group of students out of class and lead them in a reading lesson? How much lead time did you get? If the answer is, “not much,” then the following suggestions can help.

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If you are working with a student who is struggling to make progress, you may wonder if that student has a learning disability. While there is no official diagnostic test for learning disabilities in adult English learners, there are strategies you can try to see if they help.

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Activity Name:  Categorizing Months, Days and Years

Purpose:  to practice vocabulary for months, days and years, while using critical thinking skills

Preparation time:  enough time to cut up attached word cards (1 set per pair of students) and place them in envelopes, 20 minutes

Phyllis Klapwyk volunteers three days a week with English (ESL) classes at the West ABE (Adult Basic Education) program in Big Lake, Minnesota. She also tutors students who are preparing to pass the GED math test. We asked her how she got involved and why she volunteers. Here’s her story:


 I have been following a recent discussion on MAP's Non-profit tech talk email group and thought it would share with you whats been going on.

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Many classes are wrapping up writing assignments to submit their writing to be published in Journeys in time for the February 1st deadline. What can a tutor do to support a student who is working on a writing task?

Splashpad, an internet security firm, released their yearly list of the passwords most commonly found on computer systems. For the 4th year in a row "123456" and "password" are the top two used passwords.  Below is a list of the other 23  and it can not be stressed enough that is you are using any of these or a derivative such as the ever popular "password1" that you should change it immediately. Attached is the complete press release from Splashpad.  


Want to do social media for your CBO or school but not sure how to develop a strategy ? Allee Creative , the brilliant people behind the SPCLC social media training are having a webinar tomorrow, don't miss it!



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