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Purpose: To have students use context to find the meaning of words and the main idea of the overall passage.

Transitions Integration Framework category/skill/sub-skill:

·         Learning Strategies

o   Skill 3: Apply appropriate strategies to compensate for and fill in gaps in knowledge

§  Sub-skill  c: Use context and what you know to figure out or guess meaning of language


Preparation time: 10 minutes

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Event Title: Research on Using Technology in Adult Basic Skills Learning
Event Type: LINCS Community Discussion
Date(s): May 9 - 13, 2016

Dear LINCS Community,

LINCS is excited to announce its next discussion: "Research on Using Technology in Adult Basic Skills Learning."

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Purpose: To get learners up and moving, relaxed and practicing their vocabulary.

Preparation time: 5 minutes, if you have the flashcards from earlier in your unit.

Materials needed: A few sets of the picture cards you are already using for your unit.

Choose a topic T-chart like/dislike

Activity name: T-Chart

Thanks to Ellie Purdy for sharing this tip!

Purpose: to practice vocab, categorize info, use effective communication skills, and have fun.

Preparation time: 5 minutes, if you already have flash cards ready

Materials needed: T-chart with two categories that fit your unit topic such as Clinic/Emergency Room, Winter/Summer, Rooms/Furniture, or Perishable/Not Perishable; flashcards/word cards from the unit of study

A class of beginning level adult ESL students read together off of the board

Adult ESL Training Videos

Looking for some free, high quality videos about teaching English to adult immigrants? New American Horizons offers twelve free videos of teachers working in classes with ESL students. The videos include numerous activity ideas as well as classroom management and teaching methodology recommendations. All of the videos are available on their site: Many of the videos are of teachers and learners right here in Minnesota! 


Susan began volunteering with literacy eight years ago after reading about it in a Minneapolis Community Education catalog. Since that time, she has supported students of varying ages and abilities as they improve their math skills and reach their educational goals.


The cover of the new book Journeys: An Anthology of Adult Student Writing, 2016

Journeys 2016: An Anthology of Adult Student Writing will be available on May 26! In its 27th year, Journeys 2016 collects and showcases short written pieces by 600 Adult Basic Education learners from every corner of Minnesota and from more than 60 countries of origin. Their written pieces are personal, humorous, tragic, and inspirational.

Today is World Backup Day ! No green hats or colored eggs but a happy reminder to do a backup of your data so you wont have a sad day at some other time.

For the official website and pledge to do more to protect your vital information visit

Hashtags for the day include:

# Worldbackupday  


Picture of numbers 1 through 10

Purpose: Building numeracy skills and practicing the spelling of numbers while reading information from a table

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Materials needed: whiteboard, several pieces of paper


1. Prepare a poll question.  Choose something related to a class theme or an issue currently being discussed in class.  The question should yield a division of the students.  Example: “Do you like        winter?”

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