Splashpad, an internet security firm, released their yearly list of the passwords most commonly found on computer systems. For the 4th year in a row "123456" and "password" are the top two used passwords.  Below is a list of the other 23  and it can not be stressed enough that is you are using any of these or a derivative such as the ever popular "password1" that you should change it immediately. Attached is the complete press release from Splashpad.  


Want to do social media for your CBO or school but not sure how to develop a strategy ? Allee Creative , the brilliant people behind the SPCLC social media training are having a webinar tomorrow, don't miss it!

fruit and veggie flash cards

Purpose: Flash cards can be used to provide students with additional practice or additional challenge. They can be used individually or in groups. Please see the list below for more ideas on how to use them for varied purposes.

Prep Time: 0-25 minutes, depending on whether you need to make your own flash cards

During the all to quick holiday break I managed to find a few minutes to check through my DVR to see if there was anything worth watching and discovered a number of things of the last few months that I recorded but never got around to watching. Ok, I did watch Godzilla vs Megagodzilla 2 but deleted it to make room for yet another episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates for my kids. Among the myriad of the shows that filled the DVR's memory were many about tech, education and diversity.

writing on text

Purpose: to have students think about their reactions to a text as they read it

Prep Time: 10-20 minutes

Materials: a level appropriate reading text, a projector

Prep: read the text and decide on the purpose for reading the text, such as finding key details, summarizing, or building background knowledge about a topic


1)     Based on the purpose for reading, choose one to three marks for students to use while they read.

Evelyn Browne began volunteering at the International Education Center (IEC) when she moved to Minneapolis several years ago. She teaches English Conversation twice a week for an hour over lunch, a time when students learn about each other’s and U.S.


Purpose: To use listening skills while practicing vocabulary

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Materials: A whiteboard, pens and paper, and a list of vocabulary

Prep: Choose a list of approximately ten vocabulary words that the students have been studying

They say that public speaking is one of the things people are most afraid of. For me it is heights. I do still go on scary amusement park rides but the thought of standing on a tiny rock on top of a moutain scares the begeezes out me. I also belive in our modern office culture one of the new things people dread, is the request to sponsor someone else's cause. Be it via Girl Scout Cookies or band trips, many people find asking to give to someone elses charity a bit discomforting. If this is you STOP reading right now.

This the season for sharing and showing love to others so as an update to my last post let it be known that the Hennepin County Library System also allows for access to and it's 3000+ business, technical and creative videos. In addition many libraries offer other online resources that can be useful to our students including language programs like Rosetta Stone and Transparent Language all for the price of a library card.



vegetable vocabulary cards

Picture cards are a valuable, fun and flexible teaching tool. The tutor tip a couple weeks ago explained how to make them. This week we’ll look at ideas for using them.  Many of the suggestions work with words cards as well as picture cards. Here are twenty ideas to get you started:



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