Writing Recap

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What is a writing recap?

A writing recap, which is sometimes called an exit ticket or entry log is “and easy yet powerful way to get students to remember what they are learning while solidifying language and summarizing what they learned that day.”

-Zwiers, J. Building Academic Language, 2014

Preparation Time:  None

Materials Needed:  None


  1. At the end of the class, put learners into partner. Ask them to take out their notes or worksheets from the day so that they can refer to them.
  2. Put a speaking prompt up on the board (you may use more than one for higher level learners).


I learned that _______________.

Today in class we read about _______________.

An important concept is _______________.

I would like to learn more about _______________.

  1. Model 1-2 examples using language from the day (language about the grammatical structures, vocabulary, skills practiced, etc.)
  2. Have the learners discuss the prompts with their partner, referring back to the daily materials as needed.
  3. Write a recap response frame on the board (i.e. Today I learned from ____________ that _______________.).
  4. Once the learners complete the writing recap, collect them so that you can review the language that they learned.


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