Analyzing and Summarizing Mingle Grids

group of Asian men sitting in a circle and talking

Purpose:  to provide learners with practice summarizing and analyzing information from charts

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials Needed:  two short texts on the same topic


  1. Have learners complete the Mingle Grid activity (find instructions and the handout here:
  2. Break the learners into small groups.
  3. Write a question about the grid on the board. Ask the learners to look at their grids for their answers, and take turns sharing their answers aloud in their small group.

Example Questions

Which answer was the most common?

Which answer was the least common?

Which answer do you agree with? Why?

Which answer do you disagree with? Why?

Which answer was the most interesting? Why?

What did people answer for question ___?

What is one thing that you learned?

  1. After the learners have talked through all of the questions in their small groups, bring the class back together. Ask for volunteers and/or call on learners to share their responses to the questions with the whole class.


Modification: If you have a beginning level class, provide an example and have several learners give examples after you write each question on the board to ensure that the class understands the question.

This activity addresses College and Career Readiness Standard Reading Anchor 9, Levels A and B.

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