Walk n' Talk Bingo

hands holding a notebook and a pen

Purpose:  a fun and active way to talk about vocabulary.

Preparation Time:  None

Materials Needed:  scratch paper


  1. Have each learner take out a piece of paper and write down 10 words. The words can be from their notebooks, textbooks, things that they see in the classroom, or from a unit of study. Each of the learners should generate the list independently, so that they end up with different words in different order.
  2. Explain that the learners are going to play moving bingo. Model taking your list and walking up to a learner. Tell them about the first word on your list, without saying the name of the word (e.g. what we sit on in class, “chair”; my mother’s brother, “uncle”; a food that is flat and round and has tomatoes, cheese and vegetables on it, “pizza”). Once the learner guesses the word, cross it off.
  3. Have the learner explain the first word on their list to you. Once you guess the word, they will cross it off on their list.
  4. Switch lists with the learner, and model finding a new partner.
  5. Have the entire class stand and mingle. Once a word is guessed, it is crossed off of a list. After both partners have guessed the other’s word, they change lists.
  6. As learners finish the lists, have them sit down. You can make this a game by giving points to the first person who finishes a list.
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