Meet VISTA Alum Andrew Peterson

Hyperbole is real, people, and though I’m a millennial, I don’t throw it around carelessly or for extra love on the Gram. When I was 24 years old, I was drifting along in a job that meant nothing to me beyond paying off student loans. Though I was fortunate to have employment, I knew that I needed to be putting my full-time energy into serving my community. VISTA gave me that chance, and I’ve never looked back.

Now that my service (at AchieveMpls, where I now am on staff) is over, the VISTA Alum Circle provides a meaningful way for former service members to engage with and support VISTAs as they build capacity throughout our state. Serving as a VISTA is tough; I was privileged to serve where I had a safety net (my parents’ basement), but many in my cohort faced real struggles paying for housing, food, bills and more. Now that I have a basement of my own, I’m excited to be able to support our current VISTAs in their service.

As a member of the VISTA Alum Circle, you’ll provide critical support to Minnesota Literacy Council’s VISTA programs. You’ll help keep wonderful partnerships alive that sustain our members’ service – such as the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) provided to current VISTAs by The Good Acre. You’ll also gain free admission to Alum Circle events like our October 2018 launch event at The Good Acre, discounts on Minnesota Literacy Council events and trainings (or priority registration for free events), and monthly news and advocacy alerts from Minnesota Literacy Council. Finally, you’ll help grow an important network of current and former VISTAs who will continue the good work of eliminating poverty in our communities.

Thank you to those who have joined the VISTA Alum Circle already – we’re off to a great start, and have more important work to do. I’m excited to do that work together!


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