New Video! Speaking Skills for Low Level Learners

ESL teacher watching adult learner review vocabulary

Encouraging very beginning level learners to speak English and participate in classes can be a challenge, but setting speaking routines and planning activities that allow for lots of interaction can give even the lowest level learners opportunities to build their speaking skills. The new video Adult ESL Literacy Level Instruction: Building Speaking Skills features a pre-beginning level adult ESL class moving through a high-energy level speaking lesson. The teacher demonstrates learner-centered teaching strategies that allows all of the learners to participate at their ability levels, and provides support and encouragement for the learners that struggle.

Watch this video on youtube at to develop strong teaching techniques for working with beginning level learners, and to increase your repertoire of easy speaking activities that are successful with any level of adult ESL learners.

Thanks to Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota, teacher Diego Sanchez-Chavarria, and the fantastic pre-beginning level learners for helping to make this video!

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