Predictions from Pictures

clipart of crystal ball containing the word predict

Purpose:  An important reading skill that fluent readers possess is the ability to make predictions about the text. Predictions may be based on prior knowledge and experience around the topic, information from the unit content or established learning structure, or clues from the text itself, such as the title, subtitles, graphics, and/or highlighted key words.

Preparation Time:  10 minutes

Materials Needed:  A reading text with 3 pictures or objects which are connected to the text


  1. Show the learner/s the 3 pictures or objects.
  2. Ask the learner/s to guess how the pictures or objects are connected.
  3. Invite them to predict what they will read about in the text. Ask the learner/s to explain why they made the predictions that they did.
  4. As the learner/s move into reading the text, revisit their predictions and discuss whether or not they were accurate.

Modification 1: Show the learner/s the pictures from the story. Have them guess words that they think they will read in the story. Write down the words on the whiteboard. After the learners read the story, revisit the words on the whiteboard. Circle the words that appeared in the story, and cross off the words that didn’t.

Modification 2: Follow the instructions from Expansion 1, but have the learner/s predict five nouns, five verbs, and five adjectives that they believe will be in the story.

Expansion suggestions created by Sheri Lear, Minnesota Literacy Council

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