Math Equivalency Memory

Purpose: To help students build fluency in recognizing mathematical equivalencies

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Materials needed: blank flashcards


1.  Create pairs of flash cards that represent equivalencies at the math level your students are working at.

For example:

2 + 2                    4

100/4                  25

2(7 + 3 - 4)         12

Limit the number of pairs to what your students can comfortably handle. Between 10-15 pairs works best.


1. Lay out all of the cards, face up. Explain to students that they are to find the pairs. Demonstrate a couple of examples. 

2. After the students have comfortably identified the pairs face up, shuffle the cards and lay them out face down.

3. Go around the group, having each student try to find a pair. If it is a correct pair, the student gets the cards and picks again.
If it is incorrect, the cards are turned face down and the turn passes to the next student.

4. Play until all pairs have been made. The person with the most cards is the winner.




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