Video Series :Classroom Activities for Adult ESL Learners

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Normally I don't like to copy a post from one section of our website to another but I felt this project was  really exciting, relevant to the Tech & Literacy focus and worth sharing in more than once place because the blogs have different audiences. 

Are you an ESL teacher or classroom tutor who would like to develop your teaching skills? Observing experienced teachers is an excellent way to acquire classroom management techniques and acquire fun new activities, but in today's busy world it can be very difficult to schedule in-person classroom observations. With this in mind, the Minnesota Literacy Council has developed the Classroom Activities for Adult ESL Learners video series, which features professional teachers leading adult ESL classes through common classroom activities. The videos include both volunteer-led and teacher-led classrooms. Teachers and tutors can watch these videos in order to develop their teaching practices and become more comfortable introducing new activities to their learners.

Each featured activity has a PDF description of the activity directions and two videos: a full version, which shows the entire activity from beginning to end, and a short version, which gives an overview of the activity and highlights the instructions and teacher-led transitions. The activities featured in these videos were selected from the Pre-Beginning and Beginning Level ESL Curriculum Units that can be found under Curriculum and Lesson Plans.

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