Citizen Science Lab Lesson : The Great Backyard Birdcount

The 21st annual GBBC will be held Friday, February 16, through Monday, February 19, 2018. This is an opportunity to guide your students in discovering a number of websites, collect and report data, explore their surrounds and contribute to the greater community. The official website is The site has a great toolkit to get you started with educational and promotional resources

Along the way, stop by  the Minnesota Bird Atlas  and use their interactive maps to discover which species are likely to be in your area.

I believe this could be a great way to engage your students in science, math, photography, cartology and city exploration. Google sheets would provide a great to register data and along for many students to contribute on a class project.  For those of you who love the idea but dont think the timing is right, try incorporating the Audubon's Plant database to mirror the project at another time.


Additional Resources

The Big Year : a movie about birdwatching with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson

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