Share Your Voice: Sophie

What is your name? Sophie Liautaud

Where do you volunteer? Open Door Learning Center - Northeast

What is your volunteer role? One-on-one tutor

What is your favorite thing about volunteering? I love seeing students "get" the material. When concepts or vocabulary click with a student, they become thrilled! Being able to be a part of that learning process makes everything worthwhile.

What is something you've learned from a student? My students teach me so much! I find it particularly powerful hearing about their dreams of what they want to be someday, even as adults. Our students have so much ambition and determination that it motivates me to do better in my life!

What is your motivation for volunteering? Growing up speaking/reading/writing in English, I find it my responsibility to share what I have learned through making sure my community members are receiving the opportunity of literacy. Minnesota has incredible resources for people of all ages interested in learning English and I'm honored to be a part of the efforts!

What is your funniest volunteer memory? The first time I ever substitute taught, at the end of the lesson, one of my students said, "Sophie. My brain hurts so much. You did a great job!" Everyone laughed and I felt silly for having worried so much prior to teaching the lesson. Students give the best (and goofiest) feedback!

What is your favorite book and why? The Martian by Andy Weir is one of my favorites! Sci-fi isn't usually my genre of choice, but for some reason, I picked up this book, began reading it and haven't been able to put it down! The main character has a wonderful sense of humor despite his circumstances. We will see how the ending goes... I haven't finished it yet nor have I seen the movie.


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