Share Your Voice: Christian

What is your name? Christian McCleary

Where do you volunteer? YouthBuild

What is your volunteer role? Digital literacy volunteer

What is your favorite thing about volunteering? As a black male, my favorite thing about volunteering is being able to give back and provide resources to students of color who are unware of the resources that are out there, like résumé building, job training, college readiness, GED classes, and mentor programs – a lot students are unaware that these services are available.

What is your motivation for volunteering? Personal experience is my number one motivation, because I went through similar pathways as the students I serve. By overcoming my barriers, I would like to teach others how they can overcome theirs and become more involved with communities and programs at young ages.

What is your funniest volunteer memory? I have a lot of them for YouthBuild; however, my number one would be when one student won an ultimate rock–paper–scissors icebreaker by using rock to beat everyone. I was the first person he beat. Apparently no one tried paper against him! What I learned is to use paper first for our next ultimate rock–paper–scissors icebreaker.

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