Share Your Voice: Kelly

What is your name? Kelly Rynda

Where do you volunteer? Hmong American Partnership

What is your volunteer role? Volunteer teacher

What is your favorite thing about volunteering? I love getting to know people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. The world is a big place and there’s so much to see and learn – volunteering is a way for me to meet a few more people and learn about their experiences.

What is your motivation for volunteering? I feel like my motivations for volunteering are largely selfish – I really enjoy it, and it’s a great way to gain experience. I volunteer at a few different places, some of them related to my work and some of them not, and it’s a great way to learn new things. I’ve found that all skills, even if they seem really specific, translate to other areas. And I like to meet different people and learn new things from them.

What is your funniest volunteer memory? I teach a beginning English class right now, and I love it when my students understand enough English to be making jokes in English that their classmates and I can laugh at together. Recently we were acting out a visit to the doctor’s office, and the student playing the receptionist was supposed to say something like, “Please take a seat and wait for the doctor,” but it ended up being more like, “Go over there.” We all laughed, and the students explained how politeness is different in their culture. Fun, educational, and good English practice!

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