Spelling Path

stepping stone path through water

Purpose:  To reinforce spelling in a fun and active manner that gets learners up out of their seats

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials Needed:  List of vocabulary words, letters needed for the words written on index cards (one letter per card)


  1. Spread the letter cards out over a space on the floor, and have the learners gather around them.
  2. Read a word out loud. Ask the class how to spell it.
  3. As the class says each letter in the word, step on the corresponding letter card.
  4. Ask for a learner to volunteer. Read a word out loud. Direct the learner to spell the word out loud, stepping on each letter as they say it.
  5. If learners are unsure of how to spell the word, invite the learners who are watching to help them out.
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