Meet Bob - August's Literacy Leader!

Bob Adams has been volunteering at WEST Adult Basic Education - Monticello as a one-on-one English as a Second Language tutor for four years. He heard about the program through his wife, Thea, who is a long term volunteer as well.

Bob likes to arrive to program early to talk to Pam Dane, the Volunteer Coordinator at Monticello. When asked for a recommendations for a Literacy Leaders, Pam nominated Bob, and said, “(Bob) really enjoys working with the intermediate and advanced students on their reading and writing. He has also helped students with their GED studies and stories for Journeys. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys being with the students and learning from them, too”. He dedicates up to 3 hours a week to his students to help them achieve their individual goals. His proudest volunteer memory was when he was able to help a learner pass a section of their GED test, enabling them to obtain their GED certificate. Bob’s favorite aspect of volunteering is simply sharing (and receiving!) new knowledge. “It is very rewarding to help people learn something new and get better at it”.

Bob is a retired attorney and does Legal Aid Advisories to help veterans get benefits by volunteering with the Department of Defense. He and his wife love being able to give back to their community through the Monticello program. Bob’s dedication and thoughtfulness to Adult Basic Education is what makes him a Literacy Leader, but in his own words, he is simply “following his bliss”. Thank you for all you do, Bob, and congratulations!

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