Does Everyone Agree?

clipart picture of four adults sitting around a table looking at a piece of paper

Thanks to Sheri Lear for sharing this great activity!

Purpose:  For learners to develop discussion skills and practice citing evidence as they improve their reading comprehension skills

Preparation Time:  10 mins

Materials Needed:  6-10 text dependent reading questions on a handout


  1. After the learners complete a reading text, pass out the reading question handouts. Have every learner complete the questions independently.
  2. Break the learners into small groups. Have each group select a leader (or select the leader for them). Give the leader a new copy of the handout.
  3. The job of the leader is to poll the group and find out what everyone’s answer for each question. They can ask “What did you get for question #1?” or “What was your answer for the second question?”
  4. If all of the learners in the group agree on the answer for a question, the leader writes it down on the new handout. If they do not agree, they must discuss the question and the answer until they come to a consensus. Remind the learners to cite evidence from the text.
  5. After all of the leaders have completed the handouts with their groups, go over the answers together as a class.
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