Detail Chain

cast of a chain link bracelet

Purpose:  Reviewing a text in a small group setting can prompt learners to recall a greater amount of points and details than they would if they reviewed it independently. Additionally, turning the review into a fun and challenging game helps to engage leaners in the reviewing process.

Preparation Time:  None

Materials Needed:  Reading text


  1. After the learners finish reading the text, have them briefly review it and try to remember some key points and details.
  2. Ask the learners to sit in a circle. Choose a learner to begin the chain. The learner shares one piece of information that they remember about the text out loud with the whole group.
  3. The next learner repeats the information from the first learner, then adds a new point or detail that they remember from the text.
  4. The third learner repeats the information from the first and second learners, then adds something new.
  5. The chain continues until the group runs out of ideas and details.
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