Activate Board Games

multi-colored board game

Playing board games in English class is a great way to make speaking and grammar practice fun and engaging, while making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to speak. The American English website has a series of board games that are free to download and print. The board games are part of the Activate: Games for Learning American English collection.

The Activate games are easy to play; they have a clear path for the learners to follow, and each turn requires the players to produce sentences in English. All the teacher needs to do is print off the board game and provide a dice.  Each board game has a theme, such as About Me, Name Your Favorite, Would You Rather…, etc., that encourages learners to produce certain types of expressions. This enables the learners to practice a wide variety of vocabulary and grammatical patterns and opportunities to practice turn-taking.

The Activate board games can be found at the American English website at (please note: If you are reading this tutor tip in an email and the link doesn’t work, cut and paste the web address into your browser to access the webpage). The games and teacher instructions can be printed off directly from the website. There is also a blank board game template available on the webpage. Use the blank template to have your learners create their own board games with questions and prompts that they are interested in practicing.

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