Exit Ticket: Video and Instructions

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New resource for teachers and tutors! Now you can watch a video of this activity and print a PDF of the instructions at http://mnliteracy.org/classroomvideos. If you are unable to click on this link from your email, view this tutor tip on the Minnesota Literacy Council website to access this link.

Purpose:  To get a quick assessment of student learning and help learners apply skills outside the classroom

Preparation Time:  5 minutes (to decide on task)

Materials Needed:  None


  1. Decide what you want to accomplish with this activity. Some possibilities:

• Find out how learners feel about their own understanding of the day’s lesson.

• Help learners plan how to practice the lesson content outside the classroom.

• Assess learners’ ability to read, write, or say something related to the lesson.


  1. Choose a task you will have each learner do before they leave. It should be something simple and something they’ve already covered in class that day. It should take a minute or less for them to complete.


  1. Stand at the door and ask each person to perform the task before they leave the classroom.

• Read a word from a stack of flashcards.

• Answer a simple question that you ask.

• “Tell me what you’re going to do after school.”

• “Tell me one thing you learned today.”

• Write a sentence about ____ on a note card.

• “How well did you understand class today: very well, so-so, a little?”

• “Name one place you’re going to speak English this weekend.”

• “Name one way you’re going to study English tonight.”

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I loved it. I might do it with my higher literacy class tomorrow. We have been practicing places in the community. I could stand at the door and ask them a question each. For example, I could ask, "Where do you buy medicine?" or "Where do you get a haircut?"

On the weekned, I often stand at the door and I tell each of them to have a nice weekend, and they have to tell me, "Thanks alot, same to you". It is from a chant we do but they love it.