Vocabulary Mingle

Silhouettes of business men and women standing and talking with multi-colored speech and thought bubbles over their heads

Purpose:  To review vocabulary in an engaging and interactive method, or to preview new vocabulary for a reading.

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials Needed:  Index cards with vocabulary words written on them (enough for one per student; words may be repeated)


  1. Show the class the index cards with vocabulary words written on them. If the words are new, give definitions and examples of each one.
  2.  Demonstrate how to choose one word and then explain what it means.
  3. Students then each choose a word that they are familiar with and feel comfortable explaining.
  4. Give the class a few minutes to plan the best way to explain their word. If the students will be giving examples with their definitions, they may need some additional time to write out an example.
  5. The class mingles and explains the words to each other and/or give example sentences.

Multi-Level Suggestions:

Lower Level Students:

  • Simpler words
  • May choose to listen and not explain
  • Work with a partner to generate an explanation or example

Higher Level Students:

  • More difficult words
  • Multiple words
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