Choose a topic T-chart like/dislike

Activity name: T-Chart

Thanks to Ellie Purdy for sharing this tip!

Purpose: to practice vocab, categorize info, use effective communication skills, and have fun.

Preparation time: 5 minutes, if you already have flash cards ready

Materials needed: T-chart with two categories that fit your unit topic such as Clinic/Emergency Room, Winter/Summer, Rooms/Furniture, or Perishable/Not Perishable; flashcards/word cards from the unit of study

Preparation: Assemble T-Charts and flashcards


1.      Review the vocabulary students will be using. Use a projector to show each vocabulary card and elicit the word the class. If you don’t have a projector, you can hold the vocabulary cards up for the class to read.

2.      Use a projector to show the T-chart, or draw a T-chart on the board. Hold up a flash card. Think out loud to model how to decide where to put the card in the chart.

3.      Call on a student to place another card in the chart.

4.      Repeat step 3 with another student.

5.      Give pairs of students a T-chart and a set of flash cards to categorize.

6.      As pairs finish, have them compare their answers.   

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