AmeriCorps Week

"The biggest thing that my year of service has done for me is help me identify my passion. Managing the Children’s Program at CLUES, I’ve realized that I believe strongly in the value of quality early childhood programming.

My first months on the job were spent voraciously reading about preschool classroom management, tutoring strategies, and specific techniques to effectively teach bilingual learners. With that information (plus daily trial and error!), I redesigned portions of our volunteer training and restructured the daily preschool schedule to best align with my students’ needs. They’ve flourished under the new structure, and I am so proud of them.

Since most of my students are under five, their growth from week to week is astounding. Every time I see a student sit for a story, or comfort an upset friend, I feel reassured that they’ll be ready for kindergarten and get the best possible start to their education.

The richness—and excitement—of seeing them grow is something I wouldn’t have experienced without VISTA"


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