VISTA Spotlight: Jeromy Rubie

About Jeromy...

I am serving with Minneapolis Public Schools in the Multilingual department. My project doesn’t have an official name, but my title is curriculum support specialist. As the title implies, my duty is to support curriculum, which can mean a wide variety of things. In the beginning of the year I spent some time helping decide which books to order for the school year, and assisting with the process of ordering these books. I have also been observing some classes throughout the district in order to identify potential gaps in students’ instruction. Currently I am moving in to a vocabulary project, in which I will be creating flashcard sets and other activities with words that are aligned to beginning ESL students’ classroom units.

What is your favorite part of being a VISTA?

My favorite part about being a VISTA at my site is that I feel a part of the Multilingual team, not a temp worker or office assistant.  I am getting real, valuable, work experience in an area that may not have been available without VISTA. With VISTA I was able to find a position that is related to a cause I care about, and I’m happy that I get to be a part of that each day.

What is your earliest reading memory?

                I can remember my mom reading the first few Harry Potter aloud to me, before I was able to read them myself. She would explain words that I didn’t understand and probably doubled my vocabulary! I remember being very excited to read the third book on my own (well, mostly I’m sure), and really proud that I was able to do it

What’s your favorite cheap restaurant?

                For cheap, but still good, I would say Holy Land. I periodically save up a bunch of their $2 off coupons from buying their hummus, and go with friends or family once we have enough for everyone. The prices are reasonable even without the coupons, and you also get very large portions. Bonus: you can go to their grocery section of the building in the same trip to buy some food with EBT! Also, I feel I need to mention Little Caesar’s. For $5 I don’t think you can get a better deal on greasy, cheesy food. Add your favorite hot sauce to it and you can pretend that it’s high quality pizza!

A skill I would love to learn is…

Sewing/tailoring. I think this would be a very valuable skill to have. I would save money being able to repair my clothes. I could adjust the fit of cheap ill-fitting clothes (which I really wish I knew how to do right now). I could even make my own clothes if I was really skilled!



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