Tips for One to One Tutors

Tutor and Student

If you work with one student, it is understandable if you get the impression that there aren’t many tutor tips on this blog written for you. While it is true that the majority of tips on this blog refer to “students,” there are actually quite a few tips that work well when working with one student at a time.  The lists below highlight these tips. 

If you find a tip that isn't on the list but should be, let us know in the comments and we'll add it. Thank you!

Teaching Strategies:

Am I Talking When Students Should be Talking?
Breaking Down a Task
Accomplish Just About Any Learning Goal with Scaffolding
Praising Students’ Efforts
Best Practice: The I Do It-We Do It-You Do It Sequence for Direct Instruction
How Important is Review?
Best Practice: Modeling and Demonstrating
Best Practice: Activating Learners’ Prior Knowledge
Helping Learners Correct Their Errors

Repeated Reading
Think Aloud
Echo Reading
Reading Fluency Practice: Modeled Reading
Changing Your Thinking as You Read
Highlighting Claims and Evidence
Sight Word Toss
Using Model Texts

Bubble Map Writing Activity
Good News/Bad News
Written Role Play

Tasks to Do While Listening
Let’s Pack! Listening Activity
Oral Cloze (fill in the blank)

Picture Grids
Conversation Activities for One-to-one Tutors

Rubber Bands for Pronunciation Practice
Five Pronunciation Teaching Tools

Rhyming Practice
Round the Circle
Wordpool Bingo
Guess the Category
New Comparisons
Frame It
Describe and Draw
Spell Challenge
Odd One Out

Introducing the Transitions Integration Framework
Organizing Documents
Resources to Help Students Explore Career Paths
Evaluating Communication Methods
Identifying Ads on a Website
Restating the Question
Making Inferences While Watching Videos
Setting Attendance Goals
Getting to Know Your Dictionary

Adjective Order
Who Did What?
Clapping Verbs
What’s on the Table?
Making Grammar Exercises More Open Ended

Math in the Month
Number of the Day
Math Templates and Activities Part I
Math Templates and Activities Part II
Using a Ruler

Multiple Modalities (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
8 Things You Can Do in a One to One Class
Graphic Organizers
The Teacher is Wrong!
Calendar Warm Up
Drawing Floor Plans and Maps
Variations on Three Truths and a Lie
Tell a Tale of Guesswork
Comparing My Life to a Journeys Story
Minnesota Map
Using Listening as a Pre-reading Activity
Favorite Folktales
Three Similarities and a Difference

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