Draw the Story

This is the second in a series of activities contributed by 2015 Summer Reads VISTAs who completed a capstone project.  Capstone projects are intended to benefit all sites and advance the field of children's literacy.  For more information on Summer Reads, visit/volunteers/vista/summer-reads-vista.  

This activity comes from Jena, Mckenna, and Emily who created an activity book of literacy activities that children in grades 2-4 can do independently.

Draw the Story

Size of group: 1+

Appropriate grade level:K-5

Skill practiced: Comprehension

Materials: A story, paper, coloring utensils

Category: Lesson plan/activity idea


  1. Find a story at the appropriate reading level for the student.

  2. Read the story with the student (let them chose if they want to read it all, alternate sentences, or any other variation).

  3. Have the student draw what happened.

  4. As an additional variation, provide boxes labeled “beginning”, “middle”, and “end”, so the student can draw what happened in each separate part of the story.

Assessment: Ask the student to explain their drawings, and look for details they provide in the drawings and explanation to assess their level of comprehension.

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