Letter/Card/Postcard Writing

This is the first in a series of activities contributed by 2015 Summer Reads VISTAs who completed a capstone project.  Capstone projects are intended to benefit all sites and advance the field of children's literacy.  For more information on Summer Reads, visit /volunteers/vista/summer-reads-vista.  

This activity comes from Jena, Mckenna, and Emily who created an activity book of literacy activities that children in grades 2-4 can do independently.

Size of group: 1+

Appropriate grade level:K-5

Skill practiced: Sentence structure, spelling

Materials: paper, writing utensils, coloring utensils

Optional: construction paper, envelopes, stickers, other fun craft supplies, stamps

Category: Lesson plan/activity idea


1.Instruct the child or children to think of someone they would like to write a card/letter/postcard to.

2.Tell them to write a letter about an upcoming holiday, event, vacation they would like to go on or have gone on, or anything else they would like to write about. Amount of writing required can be varied by age. For older students, focus more on writing coherent sentences relevant to what they are writing about. With younger students focus less on the writing itself and more on formation of ideas (you can even write it for them).

3.Let them draw what is happening or what they wrote about

Assessment: This is meant to be a fun activity for students to practice writing skills while incorporating their creativity. Older students can work on writing coherently and younger students can work on forming sentences and ideas.


Let the students be creative and make it their own!

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