VISTA Spotlight: Allison Scheider

My Project:

I am serving at Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation with their human services department. My VISTA Project is focused on the use of an online library, the myON Reader from Capstone Digital. You can check out more info here ( This was the first year of my VISTA project and for the first part of the year I was figuring out how my organization would use the myON reader at our two Resource Centers and additional housing sites.  After piloting a few ideas, I have been working to integrate the program into our existing after school programs and preparing for the introduction of two new tutoring programs for the fall.  One of the tutoring programs will work directly using the myON Reader for literacy tutoring and the other will be focused on homework assistance.

The Best Part Of my Project:

The kids attending the program have been my absolute highlight during my year of service.  I have learned a lot from the community of youth that I work with.  They are inquisitive, generous, and bright young people with so much potential.  I wish for them all to follow their passions and live to their potential. 

To Anyone Considering VISTA:

I would say that anyone interested in joining VISTA should do it!  You will learn a lot and grow professionally and personally.  This year of service allows you to try new ideas and recognize that they don’t always work out.  It will not always be fun or exciting but there will be parts of your project that work and will make up for the parts that didn’t.

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