Repeated Reading

Purpose:  to help students build their reading fluency through repeated practice.

Prep time:  5 minutes

Materials:  reading passage

Prep: select a reading passage that is slightly above your student’s independent reading level.


1. Explain that you are going to have the student read a passage several times in order to improve their fluency. Point out that reading a passage more than once is like playing a song on the piano more than once. Practice is important with any skill.

2. Preview the content and vocabulary orally to make sure they understand what they are going to read.

3. Read the passage out loud for the student, modelling appropriate rate and expression.

4. Have the student read the passage out loud to you.

5. Provide feedback about student’s fluency and make one or two suggestions for improvement (eg, read faster, slower, stop at periods, chunk phrases together more, etc.).

6. Allow student to practice reading the passage aloud independently.

7. When they feel they are ready, have the student read the passage aloud again for you. Comment on any improvements noticed.

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