Chalk Poems

Size of group: 3-10
Appropriate grade level: K-3
Skill practiced: Spelling, vocabulary, alphabet/letter recognition
Materials: Set of different-colored chalk, and a sidewalk outside.
Category: lesson plan/activity idea

Give each student their choice of colored chalk and have them write their name on the sidewalk. Then have them come up with words (ideally adjectives) that begin with each letter of their name, in an acrostic poem style.

The students will come up with words on their own, and enjoy thinking of new words. With the younger children who can’t write words, they will like writing the letters of their name.

Younger children will ask for help spelling words, and the even younger students may need help to form the letters or write at all. The spelling of the words is best, have them attempt to spell it, and then correct them or prompt them as needed.

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