Single-Letter Scrabble

Size of group: 3-5
Appropriate grade level: 2-3
Skill practiced: Spelling, vocabulary, and rhyming
Materials: Set of Scrabble or Bananagrams tiles
Category: lesson plan/activity idea

Set up a word ending template, such as “and” or “ing”. Then give each student a set of consonants and have them try to make words by placing their consonants in front of the endings. Encourage them to use more than one letter at a time, such as “sh” or “str”.

The students will make more complex words, and, as the game goes on, will sort through rhyming words in their heads rather than guessing and checking if they’ve made a word.

A way of making the game more interesting is to have them try to remember the words they’ve made already, and use the rhyming mnemonic to help them remember.

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