Picture Grids

picture grid

Activity: Picture Grids

Purpose: to practice vocabulary, sentence formation, and reading from left to right

Prep Time: 15-30 minutes, depending on availability of pictures

Materials: a picture grid, such as the examples in the attached document below; if teaching a class, a projector is very helpful

Prep: Decide on a sentence based on today’s lesson that students will say. For example: I take the bus to school. Create a table in a document. Insert or draw a simple picture that is a reminder of each word in the sentence. For abstract concepts, write the word instead (the word is for example).  Insert another row below the first sentence and find pictures to remind students of a variation of the first sentence. For example: We bike to the park.


  1. Show students one picture at a time and review the word represented by the picture. Have students repeat it after a few times if needed.
  2. Show students one line in the grid and model how to ‘read’ it and say the sentence; repeat if needed
  3. Invite the class to say the first sentence a few times
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the other sentences
  5. Call on individual students, point to the pictures and they say the sentences.
  6. Call on individual students and ask them to make their own sentences, without the teacher pointing to any pictures.
  7. Give students their own copies and have them say sentences to partners
  8. Ask questions about the class based on the grid: How many people…? Does ____ like….? Who likes to…?


  • Ask the class to change other words in the sentences (names, nouns, verbs) and add pictures to the grid
  • Use the grid to help students survey each other
  • Write sentences based on the grid
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