Number of the Day


The following tip comes from the Minnesota Numeracy Initiative.

Purpose: to review and practice previously-learned math concepts 

Preparation time: none

Materials needed: board and markers, paper/pencils, and calculators, if appropriate

Preparation: think up a number!


1.     Write a number on the board (e.g, “72”).

2.     Tell the students they are to come up with math problems where the answer is 72.

3.     Give them a couple of examples: 72 x 1, 144/2, (90 x 4) – (2 x 144).

4.     Ask the group for a couple more examples.

5.     Have the students work individually or in pairs/groups coming up with their problems. Circulate around answering questions and providing help.

6.     As students come up with their problems, have them write them on the board.

7.     When everyone has written problems on the board, solve them as a class. Discuss and make any corrections necessary.

8.    Click here ( to watch Amber and Donna from Metro North ABE do the number of the day activity with their class.

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