Calendar Warm Up


Thanks to Ellie Purdie at Open Door Learning Center, Lake Street for sharing this worksheet.

Purpose: to practice reading a calendar and calendar related vocabulary. This activity can be used as a routine at the beginning of every class period.

Prep Time: none

Materials: a large calendar for the class to read together, or a standard calendar and a document projector; the Calendar Warm Up Worksheet (see attached)

Prep: make copies of the worksheet and set up the projector or large calendar


1.      Show students the calendar and ask them what today is.  Then ask what yesterday was and tomorrow will be.  Ask them if the weather is sunny or cloudy.

2.      If using a projector, show students the worksheet, or pass out the worksheet.

3.      Show students how to fold the worksheet in half.

4.      Read the top half of the worksheet aloud as a class.

5.      If this is first time using the worksheet, use the projector or the board to show students how to write the answer to number one. Ask a student to show the class how to answer number two, another student to show how to answer number 3 and so on.

6.      Cover or erase the answers.

7.      Ask students to look at the bottom half of the worksheet. What is the same and what is different? Which side is easier? Harder?

8.      Students choose which side of the worksheet to fill out.  Students who finish the easier side quickly can attempt the more difficult side.

9.      Reveal the answers again on the projector for students to check their own answers.

Variation: once students have done the activity often enough that they are comfortable with the routine, pass out the worksheets and have a student leader ask the class the answers and write them on the projected worksheet.

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