Variations on Three Truths and a Lie

Purpose: to use grammar or vocabulary in sentences

Prep Time: 2 to 5 minutes

Materials: a board, pens and paper

Prep: Decide on a topic for the sentences that the students will write or say. The topic is quite flexible and can be almost anything related to the lesson. For example: childhood memories, winter weather preparation, qualities of an apartment, or personal finance advice.


1.      Write four statements on the board about the lesson topic. For example:

a.      You should keep a warm blanket in your car during winter.

b.      It is ok to walk on ice in the spring.

c.       It is ok to wear two shirts when it is cold outside.

d.      You should go inside if you think you are getting frostbite.

2.      Ask students to vote about which statement is a lie.

3.      Elicit four more statements from students about the lesson topic. Students vote on which statement is a lie. If all statements are true, ask a student to come up to the board and change one of them into a lie.

4.      Students each write their own four statements.

5.      Assign small groups and students take turns reading their statements and guessing which statements are lies.

Variation: for beginning students, this activity can be Two Truths and a Lie and may be done orally rather than in writing. 

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