Introducing the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF)

Students come to Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs to improve their lives. Often an ABE class is a step towards a long term goal such as getting a certificate or degree, obtaining employment or getting a raise. Students with these types of goals wish to transition from ABE to post-secondary education or employment. 

What can tutors do to prepare learners for this transition? That’s where the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) comes in. The TIF outlines the skills adults need to successfully make these transitions and it includes wonderful examples of how teachers and tutors can create lessons that practice these skills.

Want even more examples of how tutors can teach transitions skills? Stay tuned for a series of tutor tips with concrete ideas for teaching students skills that come directly from the TIF and feel free to share your own ideas in the comments.

For more information about the creation of the TIF, please visit the ABE Teaching and Learning Advancement System (ATLAS) website. 

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